Ashton Funeral Home
Dear Ashton: Thank You Notes

Over the years, our family has received so many gracious and beautifully written thank-you letters. Here we share a few of them with you.

"Thank you for your guidance and support when our dad passed away. Your family has taken care of my family for three generations, with such grace and compassion. With sincere gratitude . . ."
"On behalf of our entire family, I want to express our gratitude for your kindness and skill in handling the arrangements for my father's viewing and service last week. You brought comfort to the family in a range of ways difficult to count, but easy to appreciate. You . . . consistently made us feel that you were one of the family, albeit a better organized and experienced one. I especially appreciate your gentle nudging for the open casket ― it was a powerful closure for many of us . . . "
"I am so grateful for all you have done for me. It takes special people to do what you do and you certainly do it with style and professionalism. You give up a lot of your personal life to help families when they need you, but God is watching over all of you."
"We want to thank you so much for the wonderful way that you handled my dad's funeral. It was a small event, numbers-wise, but you treat every single service with the utmost — in such a caring and dignified manner. It made us feel good at a very sad time. It takes a very special person to do what you do and to do it so well."
"Thank you for the kindness, guidance, and thoughtfulness you gave our family during a very difficult time. I know this is your 'business' but you took the 'business' out and made us feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable time."
"Your home is beautiful and thank you very much for making John look so handsome. He would have been pleased."
"In retrospect, we all commented on how smoothly everything went despite our sleep deprivation and grief. That largely is in part due to your work, kindness and caring. We felt you knew our loss and were part of our family. I guess that's why my mom had picked Ashton's. She had experienced it first hand with the loss of her parents."
"Thanks . . . in particular for the wonderful care provided during the period following Mom's passing. We certainly never anticipated having to transport her from out-of-state, yet you made that seem almost transparent. The sibling situation had the potential to be a problem, but the flow was so seamless and your suggestions so helpful that it all went off without a hitch. There are so many details that just aren't covered in the 'manual'. Thank you for guiding us through them . . ."
"Now I know why my husband always insisted that you only handle his funeral."
" . . . thank you again for all your thoughtfulness . . I cannot tell you how your gentle manner and little extra touches meant so much to especially me . . . It was nice to be able to have a few moments of laughter when talking to you the other day ― My heart as you can imagine is broken in a million pieces. I wanted to send flowers but I knew you see enough of them . . . "
"You turned a very traumatic situation into one that I could handle, and for that, I am eternally grateful."
"You have a very special way to make people feel cared for and supported, just like family. Your suggestions and organization helped to make the entire process somewhat bearable. Our loss and the reality of it is just setting in — sometimes I feel it gets harder every day. I do take comfort in knowing we gave my husband the best ending possible, thanks to you. I am glad our children will be left with that memory . . ."
"The home atmosphere and comfort level was perfect and the reassuring environment made us all at ease during this hard time. My aunt went very peacefully."
"I want to express my most heart-felt thanks to you for the professional and sensitive treatment of our family throughout this entire process dealing with the passing of our father. I know that you worked diligently to ensure that all went well with the transition of my father to Easton, and all facets of the Jewish funeral and proper burial . . . you have our deepest gratitude for your efforts on our behalf."
"My husband's funeral and viewing was just what I hoped it would be — a tribute to the wonderful man and husband he was. He looked so handsome and so much at peace. He was so sick the last six months of his life. I am thankful that our grandkids could say good-bye to the grandpa I want them to remember. Thank you for everything you did to make his day so special."